PostgreSQL 8.1.0 packages now available


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I’m pleased to announce that PostgreSQL 8.1.0 packages are now available from Blastwave, and should be making their way out to the mirrors as I type. This set of packages includes libpq, the core postgresql package, contrib, and the updated set of JDBC drivers.

Please note that there are a large number of changes with this 8.1.0 release - for details on all the new features, please see the official PostgreSQL announcement :

Please also note that if you are intending to update to this version from a previous installation (either 7.3.x or 8.0.x), you will need to do a dump and reload of your database. Your old data directory will not work with the new packages, due to changes made by the PostgreSQL developers. For information on this dump and reload procedure, see the HTML documentation (also included with the package) at the following URL : I recommend taking a full dump of your database and testing the backup works as expected before proceeding with this upgrade.