I started teaching myself guitar in my mid-teens (before realising later on that the bass was my true weapon of choice) and am currently rocking out with Auto Reverse in West Sussex / Surrey. Through playing in bands, I got drawn into the world of sound engineering and then production. I’m completely self-taught and although I sometimes bump into my own limitations and knowledge, I love the challenge. I’ve managed to create music that I want to listen to - and apparently, others appreciate it too!

Below, you’ll find each of my tracks and commentary. You can click the cover art to open the SoundCloud page, or use the embedded player under each track to play the tracks in your browser.



This was a lot of fun to put together (although it still took 439 days which means my average of 1 track a year is slacking!) There’s still tons of mistakes, things I’d like to do better or just lack the technical ability to pull off at this point. But y’know… I’m really cool with that. I had a blast producing this track and it’s nothing if not a totally honest and very personal reflection on where I’m at in life. And I really like it; I felt I managed to say everything I needed to. Plus it’s my funkiest breakdown yet! There’s also a YouTube visualizer video for this one.

Jaleh & Emma


No fancy description or title; this is just my song for my wife and our baby daughter. Kind of my reaction to fatherhood. It’s a bit of a banger at the end :)

Above The Sky


I’m currently working on re-mastering this one, but here’s the original version. It was inspired by a 40th birthday trip watching the sunset above the clouds at La Palma observatory. This was a another reflective song to put together; I never thought things would turn out the way they have, but life has a funny way of showing you where you need to be. This song is again dedicated to my wife Jaleh, for making everything possible.



A rock / metal cover of an old song for the Amiga computer from my childhood! I also made a proper music video for this. The original was called “Jobba” and was written by Pex “Mahoney” Tufvesson. He is a legend in the Amiga scene, and his “Noisetracker” program kick-started my interest in computer-based music. I used to love this track and even made a mixtape back in the day with this on it, so it seemed only fitting to give it the MDR treatment!

I also wrote to Pex letting him know I’d made a tribute to one of his old tracks and we exchanged a few really nice emails. He was also kind enough to include my video in an fascinating talk he gave at a scene conference.

The River


Another instrumental rock/metal/electronic track. Inspired by a dream I had some time ago, and took me somewhere in the region of 5 years to gradually put all the pieces together. It’s an interesting track for me to reflect on, as it was the last track I produced with Cakewalk Sonar (I switched to Cubase right aftwerwards), and was recorded at a real period of transition in my life. When I listen to it now, I definitely recognise the influence all that had on my arrangement and riff choices. I really do love that low 5-string bass riff at the start, too!

The Pleiades


Electronic / trance with live bass and guitar. Featuring an epic flute solo from my awesome sister, Spinney Lainey :) Although there are definitely things I’d change about this now, it still remains one of my favourite tracks purely for the memory of making music with my sister. She’s an awesome psy-trance producer and has always been a huge influence and support for me. I love the way her amazing flute solo towards the end kind of pushed me to go for a full-on guitar freakout. I still can’t work out exactly what I was playing then - my hands just did stuff while I observed :)



My first ever tune! Really bad quality, but I always love listening to this to see how far I’ve come. Many years ago now, I wrote a song on my acoustic guitar while I was at University. For some reason, the riff and progression stuck in my head, and throughout the years I revisited the song.

Each time, I noticed it changed to reflect things that were going on in my life at the time - it started off as a sort of grungy tune; it’s been an upbeat crowded-house style jangle strum-a-long, and when things weren’t going so well for me, I picked up my guitar and it came out as a sort of downbeat dirge. A few years ago, it got stuck in my head again so I finally sat down, worked out how to use Cakewalk Sonar and recorded what I hoped would be the definitive version.

Now, looking back on it: It’s not the greatest recording, I couldn’t really play guitar too well and I had a lot to learn about music production: I had never heard of high-passing, for instance. Nor had I ever used FX busses so there’s like 15 reverb plugins all going, but despite it’s earnestness and muddy audio, I still find this track endearing and I can still remember coming up with all those little riffs over the years. Lots of memories.