Redis Solaris Packages


Note : This page may contain outdated information and/or broken links; some of the formatting may be mangled due to the many different code-bases this site has been through in over 20 years; my opinions may have changed etc. etc.

As part of my work to package up the fantastic Sensu monitoring framework for Solaris 11, I have just uploaded a complete package of Redis 2.8.9 to my IPS package repositories (x86 only at the moment - see the docs linked below). This also includes a SMF manifest, so a pkg install redis should provide with all you need to get going straight away:

$ pkg install redis
           Packages to install:  1
       Create boot environment: No
Create backup boot environment: No
            Services to change:  1

DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB)   SPEED
Completed                                1/1           9/9      0.9/0.9  880k/s

PHASE                                          ITEMS
Installing new actions                         22/22
Updating package state database                 Done
Updating image state                            Done
Creating fast lookup database                   Done

$ /opt/mar/bin/redis-cli> ping

It’s currently available in both the /dev and /stable branches - for more information and a quick overview on how to use my repositories, see the documentation and user guide. I aim to get the rest of the components such as RabbitMQ and so on sorted over the next few weeks, so very soon you should hopefully be able to do a simple pkg install sensu-server or pkg install sensu-client on Solaris 11 x86.