Just looking through some old videos and found this footage of me going off on one at our gig in February earlier this year, before the pandemic had really hit in the UK.

Avid Eleven Rack hiss problem solved

This is a bit of a departure from the rest of my blog posts, as it relates to my main hobby and current interest - Bass guitar and amplification. I play in a band and have spent a lot of time building out my main rig for live shows and rehersals, but I recently ran into a problem with the latest addition. I found a solution to it (and lots of people suffering from the same issue), so I’m posting it here in the hope that it might help someone else.I had just bought an Avid ...


OK, I readily admit that this is really childish. I haven’t updated this site for ages; I know there are far better things that I could be writing about. At the age of nearly 30, I really shouldn’t be sniggering at naughty words like I’m back in primary school. But when I saw this unbelievably apt number plate on a sewage truck, I realised I had witnessed the stuff of playground legends. I present to you The Poo Truck in all it’s glory…


I found one of my favourites quotes from Carl Sagan again after loosing it a while back and felt compelled to post it here. It just blows me away each time, particularly when you put it in context with this picture, taken by Voyager 1 as it was 4 billion miles away from Earth and swung round for one last photo of "home".