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Solaris 10 on a Powerbook

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Now I’ve got my Powerbook back from repairs, I decided to continue my experiment to get Solaris 10 installed under Virtual PC 7. I’ve finally managed to get a useable system, although it did take a fair amount of hacking. The end result is a fully useable Solaris 10 installation complete with zones and dTrace, and provides a useful base for installing Blastwave packages.

Unlike previous versions of Solaris, there is no need to modify the ISO images, and the system will boot right off the CDs or DVD. However, there seems to be an issue with the Java VM and Virtual PC; whenever any Java application is run, the VM segfaults. This is an issue because some of the installer utilities are written in Java. The way around this is to perform a text-mode install, either at the console or in a X session. Install the bare minimum of packages – the "mininal networking" cluster is a great starting point. This should complete succesfully from the first CD without needing to reboot and add additional packages (which would fail, as it attempts to use the java installer again).

When the system has rebooted, you’ll be left with a very minimal system, so you’ll need to add some additional packages from the rest of the CDs, I’ve attached the list I use in the main article body (click the "Continue reading" link to see them). Using this set of packages, the install base comes to around 314Mb, but you are left with a system that lets you experiment with all the major new Solaris 10 features (zones, dtrace etc.). There is no X11 software included on that list, so if you need CDE or would like to experiment with the new JDS, you’ll have to add those yourself.

Any additional software can be grabbed from Blastwave, and as the complier support packages are also installed, you can even build your own packages. However, as psrinfo reports the equivalent of a 300Mhz Pentium on a 1.3Ghz G4, you’ll probably be waiting a while for things to finish! Disk 1

Package name Purpose SUNWadmc Core software libraries used for system administration SUNWbip Basic IP commands (/usr/sbin/ping, /bin/ftp) SUNWbipr Basic IP commands (Root) SUNWdtrc Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) Clients SUNWdtrp Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) Providers SUNWgss Generic Security Service Application Program Interface SUNWgssc Generic Security Service Application Program Interface SUNWipc Utilities to monitor interprocess communication SUNWj5rt Java Platform virtual machine and core class libraries SUNWlibC Sun Workshop Compilers Bundled libC SUNWlibCf Sun Workshop Compilers Bundled libC (cfront version) SUNWmdu Solaris Volume Manager commands SUNWmdb Sun modular debugger SUNWsndmr Sendmail Configuration Files SUNWsndmu Sendmail Utilities SUNWtnetc Telnet Command (client) SUNWtoo Software development utils, including ld, ldd, od, and truss SUNWudf Universal Disk Format 1.50 File System SUNWudfr Universal Disk Format 1.50 File System

Disk 2

Package name Purpose SUNWGlib Library of useful routines for C programming SUNWadmfw System and network administration libraries and services SUNWadmfr System configuration for services SUNWbart Basic Audit Reporting Tool SUNWbash GNU Bourne-Again shell (bash) version 3.0 SUNWdoc Utilities and fonts for displaying manual pages SUNWgcmn Common GNU package SUNWgssk GSSAPI (kernel module) SUNWgzip The GNU Zip (gzip) compression utility 1.3.3 SUNWidnu Internationalized Domain Name Support Utilities SUNWlcl International Components for Unicode User Files SUNWlur Live Upgrade (root) SUNWluu Live Upgrade (user) SUNWluzone Live Upgrade (zones support) SUNWlxsl The XSLT library (libxslt-1.1.7) SUNWmdar Solaris Volume Manager Assistant (Root) SUNWmdau Solaris Volume Manager Assistant (Usr) SUNWntpr NTP Daemon and Utilities (xntpd) SUNWntpu NTP Daemon and Utilities (xntpd) SUNWpool Core software for resource pools SUNWpoolr Core software for resource pools SUNWrcapr Solaris Resource Capping Daemon SUNWrcapu Solaris Resource Capping Daemon SUNWsmapi Software libraries for storage management SUNWuiu8 Iconv modules for UTF-8 Locale SUNWulcf UTF-8 Locale Environment Common Files SUNWweuos GB locale SUNWxcu4 Utilities providing conformance with XCU4 specifications SUNWxcu6 utilities providing conformance with XCU6 specifications SUNWzoner Solaris Zones Configuration Files SUNWzoneu Solaris Zones Configuration and Administration

Disk 4 (Disk 3 not needed)

Package name Purpose SUNWarc Lint libraries and startup objects for software development SUNWarcr Lint libraries and startup objects for software development SUNWast System security tools SUNWaccu Utilities for accounting and reporting of system activity (sar) SUNWaccr Utilities for accounting and reporting of system activity (sar) SUNWbtool Software development utilities SUNWhea SunOS C/C++ header files SUNWidnd Internationalized Domain Name Support Developer Files SUNWlibm Maths library SUNWlibmr Maths library SUNWman System Reference Manual Pages SUNWmddr Reconfiguration coordination manager module for SVM SUNWperl584man Perl 5.8.4 Reference Manual Pages SUNWsfman GNU and open source man pages SUNWsprot Solaris Bundled tools SUNWwgetr GNU wget 1.9.1 SUNWwgetu GNU wget 1.9.1 SUNWxcu4t XCU4 Compliant Versions of make and sccs utilities