New packages on the way


Note : This page may contain outdated information and/or broken links; some of the formatting may be mangled due to the many different code-bases this site has been through in over 20 years; my opinions may have changed etc. etc.

Although things have been quiet on the Blastwave front recently, it hasn’t been because of lack of activity. I am currently working on a set of PostgreSQL 8.0.3 packages, which resolve several bugs as well as some fairly serious security issues, the full details of which can be found here.

Due to various changes “under the hood”, binary compatibility has broken in this release - libpq, libecpg etc. have all had their major version numbers bumped. This means that anything that links to these libraries should be relinked as soon as possible, but I have also included the previous libraries from 8.0.1 so that existing applications won’t break; you can therefore update and migrate at your convenience.

The PHP package is also due an update soon. I have 4.3.11 packages ready, although I’m waiting for the PostgreSQL packages to get released first before I relink. It’s just a minor update, although UnixODBC, FreeTDS and MySQLi extensions are now enabled, with mbstring due to be added Real Soon Now (tm). I have also started work on splitting PHP up into a more manageable system, with the extensions build as shared modules.

In other words, you’d download the core CSWphp package with a minimal set of dependencies (CSWapache etc.), which would provide the basics. If you then needed database access, you’d install CSWphp4_mysql or CSWphp4_pgsql etc. along with their dependencies (mysql4rt or libpq respectively). This is actually working at the moment, but there needs to be a lot more testing with the module loading/unloading in php.ini before I’m happy with it.

Update : The PostgreSQL packages are now available from - note that these are “testing” packages, and should only be installed if you’re interested in helping track down any bugs etc. Otherwise, it is recommended that you wait a week or so until they end up in the main pkg-get repository.

Update 2 : PostgreSQL packages are out, and there’s even a mention at the Blastwave homepage :-) . PHP packages, Nessus and more coming soon…