Well, by now, pretty much every news site and blog across the world has picked up on the fact that Apple are making the move to x86. It doesn’t really come as much surprise; IBM made promises it hasn’t met, and the G4/G5 line has stagnated while x86 romped past it. As a recent Mac convert, I can’t help but feel in some small way annoyed - but it’s mostly down to the fact that the resale value of my Powerbook just took a nosedive.

Solaris 10 on a Powerbook

Now I’ve got my Powerbook back from repairs, I decided to continue my experiment to get Solaris 10 installed under Virtual PC 7. I’ve finally managed to get a useable system, although it did take a fair amount of hacking. The end result is a fully useable Solaris 10 installation complete with zones and dTrace, and provides a useful base for installing Blastwave packages.