Solaris bash package and other updates

A quick update for users of my Solaris 11 x86 packages. I’ve created a GNU Bash 4.3 package which includes the patch for the much-publicized Shellshock vulnerability. As the package name “bash” also matches the one provided by Oracle, as usual you’ll just need to specify the full FMRI when installing:

Solaris 11 Review

I’ve finally had the chance to devote some time to experimenting with some of the new features in Solaris 11. This article is really just intended as a walk-through of my first few weeks using Solaris 11 - a "kick of the tyres", so to speak. There is far too much that is new for me to cover everything, so I’ll be adding to this article and updating this site as I go through it. I’m also assuming the reader is familiar with Solaris 10; if you feel some parts need clarificat...

Solaris 9 Initial Impressions

Despite Solaris 9 being out for some time now, I have yet to see many overviews of it. I could find technical documents and “executive summarys” all over the ‘net - but nothing that provided me with an idea of what the new OS would be like. In light of the fact that I’ve recently purchased another UltraSPARC machine for home use, I downloaded the 3 discs from Sun, grabbed a coke and settled down to install.