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Latest round of PHP packages available

Now the Blastwave “stable” freeze is over, there’s a further round of updates for my PHP4 packages which fix a few bugs and add a few new features. All available from http://www.blastwave.org/testing/ as usual.

PHP 4.4.0 packages ready for testing

My new PHP packages are ready for testing at the usual place. They are taken from the new 4.4.0 release - the full release announcement is available on the PHP site.

First set of new PHP packages ready for testing

I have finished work on a bunch of new PHP packages - there are a lot of changes with these, so be warned that there will probably be a few tweaks needed here and there before they’re ready for the prime time. However, if you’re feeling brave and would like to test, I’d appreciate any comments or feedback. They are all available at the usual place, http://www.blastwave.org/testing/ . A full list of packages is included in the full body of this entry.


Well, by now, pretty much every news site and blog across the world has picked up on the fact that Apple are making the move to x86. It doesn’t really come as much surprise; IBM made promises it hasn’t met, and the G4/G5 line has stagnated while x86 romped past it. As a recent Mac convert, I can’t help but feel in some small way annoyed - but it’s mostly down to the fact that the resale value of my Powerbook just took a nosedive.