Blastwave is dead

Earlier on today, the main Blastwave website got replaced by this message :

PHP 4.4.3 packages now in testing

Blastwave PHP4 packages are available in /testing. These bump PHP4 up to 4.4.3, which is primarily a bug fix and security upgrade. It also fixes an issue with the packaging of the current 4.4.2 packages, which resulted in a non-working PEAR installation due to an error in the upstream source tarball. <p />I hope to get these packages released to unstable in the next few days - I’ve been running them for a few days here and there appears to be no issues, but as always...

PostgreSQL 8.1.4 out

PostgreSQL 8.1.4 has just been released, and Blastwave has updated packages as usual. This is a  major update security-wise; if you’re running a PostgreSQL server you really need to upgrade as soon as possible. The PostgreSQL site has a page detailing all you need to know about this particular problem, and how it may affect you. Packages will be making their way out to the mirrors shortly, and I’ll also be updating my PHP packages the moment the upstream source is released.

PostgreSQL 8.1.3 out

Hot on the heels of the 8.1.2 package, 8.1.3 has been released. This fixes a serious security issue, and while it hasn’t yet made it into Blastwave’s “unstable” tree, you can grab it from our testing directory. Expect to see it available from our mirrors through pkg-get shortly.

PostgreSQL 8.1.2 now in “unstable”

New PostgreSQL and related packages (postgresql, libpq and postgresqlcontrib) have been released to the “unstable” tree. These packages bump the version to 8.1.2, and include a number of important bug fixes. Of particular importance is the resolution of a bug present in previous versions of PostgreSQL that could lead to data loss - for more details, please see the 8.1.2 release announcment.

PostgreSQL 8.1.0 packages now available

I’m pleased to announce that PostgreSQL 8.1.0 packages are now available from Blastwave, and should be making their way out to the mirrors as I type. This set of packages includes libpq, the core postgresql package, contrib, and the updated set of JDBC drivers.

PHP packages finally released

Finally got them off to the mirrors. And of course, life being what it is, the moment I do that, PHP 4.4.1 source is released. Hey ho… Still, the official announcement is included in the full text of this post. Expect to see 4.4.1 packages in a few days… Oh, and PostgreSQL 8.1.0 packages as soon as the final release is announced. I’ve been building all the betas and RCs so am ready to get new packages out there as soon as it’s available. <blockquote> New PHP 4.4.0 pa...

Latest round of PHP packages available

Now the Blastwave “stable” freeze is over, there’s a further round of updates for my PHP4 packages which fix a few bugs and add a few new features. All available from as usual.

PHP 4.4.0 packages ready for testing

My new PHP packages are ready for testing at the usual place. They are taken from the new 4.4.0 release - the full release announcement is available on the PHP site.

First set of new PHP packages ready for testing

I have finished work on a bunch of new PHP packages - there are a lot of changes with these, so be warned that there will probably be a few tweaks needed here and there before they’re ready for the prime time. However, if you’re feeling brave and would like to test, I’d appreciate any comments or feedback. They are all available at the usual place, . A full list of packages is included in the full body of this entry.

mod_php, libstatgrab and nessus updates

A bit of a bumper update from me… several packages are now available for testing at Any comments welcome - providing no major glitches are uncovered, these should make their way out to the main pkg-get repository and mirrors in a week or so.

New packages on the way

Although things have been quiet on the Blastwave front recently, it hasn’t been because of lack of activity. I am currently working on a set of PostgreSQL 8.0.3 packages, which resolve several bugs as well as some fairly serious security issues, the full details of which can be found here.